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Meet Our Executive Director

Azadeh K. Jebelli


Having founded Institute for Behavioral Health (IBH) in 2013, Dr. Azadeh Jebelli utilizes years of academic and in-field experience as the agency’s Clinical Director. She obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychobiology from UCLA in 2000 and then acquired her MA in Behavioral Neuroscience the following year. In 2006, Dr. Jebelli achieved her PhD in Psychology with a specialization in Neuroscience from UCR, which was followed by becoming adjunct faculty at CSUSB’s Department of Psychology through the better part of 2008. By 2011 she had fulfilled all of the requirements for Board Certified Behavior Analyst. From 2008-2013, Dr. Jebelli operated as Inland Regional Center’s Autism Clinical Specialist.


Despite her fundamental role within IBH, Dr. Jebelli remains thoroughly active in the field of autism outside of her position at the agency. Not only is she a member of the California Senate Select Committee on Autism & Related Disorders, she is also a participant of California Autism Professional Training and Information Network (CAPTAIN). This is in addition to organizing conferences and hosting presentations on autism and applied behavior analysis. It is her goal to provide consumers with a personable experience while ensuring that they receive quality services personalized to the needs of the individual.

Our Offerings

The goal of Institute for Behavioral Health (IBH) is to meet the behavioral health needs of individuals and their families. This is attained through implementing functional and behavioral assessments and coordination of care with the interdisciplinary team of physicians and other specialists.

Our Mission

Our mission at Institute for Behavioral Health (IBH) is to assist individuals with autism and other intellectual disabilities and their families to achieve optimal functioning in their home, work, and community.

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