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Meet our Staff


Azadeh K. Jebelli



Executive Director

Having founded Institute for Behavioral Health (IBH) in 2013, Dr. Azadeh Jebelli utilizes years of academic and in-field experience as the agency’s Clinical Director. She obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychobiology from UCLA in 2000 and then acquired her MA in Behavioral Neuroscience the following year. In 2006, Dr. Jebelli achieved her PhD in Psychology with a specialization in Neuroscience from UCR, which was followed by becoming adjunct faculty at CSUSB’s Department of Psychology through the better part of 2008. By 2011 she had fulfilled all of the requirements for Board Certified Behavior Analyst. From 2008-2013, Dr. Jebelli operated as Inland Regional Center’s Autism Clinical Specialist.


Despite her fundamental role within IBH, Dr. Jebelli remains thoroughly active in the field of autism outside of her position at the agency. Not only is she a member of the California Senate Select Committee on Autism & Related Disorders, she is also a participant of California Autism Professional Training and Information Network (CAPTAIN). This is in addition to organizing conferences and hosting presentations on autism and applied behavior analysis. It is her goal to provide consumers with a personable experience while ensuring that they receive quality services personalized to the needs of the individual.

Yuki I. Jen, M.S., BCBA

Clinical Director

Yuki is the Clinical Director who has been working with IBH since 2015. She has been working in the field of ABA for 7 years, and she has a wide-range of experience in working with individuals with different ages and various types of disabilities. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Child and Adolescent Studies from California State University, Fullerton in 2007. Upon graduating, she decided to stay at California State University, Fullerton to pursue higher education in which she completed her Master of Science in Early Childhood Special Education in 2011. Upon her completion of the degree, she began working as a behavior interventionist for various non-profit organizations which provided in-home ABA services to individuals with special needs. As Yuki continued to develop her ABA experience in the field, she began attending California State University, Los Angeles where she received Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis in Educational Settings in 2014 after which she passed the BCBA certification exam and was promoted to a supervisory role within the same year. She has presented the study conducted by her colleagues, “Application of a Pyramidal Training Model on the Implementation of Trial-Based Functional Analysis” at ABAI’s Eighth International Conference in Kyoto, Japan in 2015. Her interest is in disseminating the practice of ABA by employing the principles of ABA to facilitate as many independent and socially desirable skills that would make each individual to become successful and adequate adult across multiple cultures and ethnicity.


Publication: The Journal of Special Education Apprenticeship Ikezaki, Y., Myck-Wayne, J., & Jung, W. A. Perceptions towards Special Education of Japanese Parents of Children with Special Needs in the United States. 2014; vol. 3. No. 1. ISSN 2167-3454.

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